Forest Technologies - clockwork

Improve your software delivery and management of servers, networks, storage and databases

Quick, smooth delivery of new software and effective management of your current data solutions gives you choices. You can reduce management costs, do more with the same, or do both.

Forest Technologies will help you achieve the significant time and cost savings you are looking for. We specialise in Application Release and Data Center Automation solutions, from pure process integration and improvement solutions through to full-scale automation. As an Automic Certified Partner our solutions leverage the market leading capabilities of the Automic Automation Suite. Our team has extensive knowledge of competitor products to leverage during migration engagements.

Data Center Automation

  • Automate provisioning, configuration and patch management
  • Standardise operations to reduce errors and downtime
  • Manage compliance across storage, network, servers, databases and applications
  • Shift your investments to more strategic initiatives
  • Accelerate deploying a private and hybrid cloud

Application Release Automation

  • Reduce the time to market for releases
  • Improve the quality of releases
  • Reduce the resource cost of the application release lifecycle
  • Reduce key resource dependencies
  • Provide a secure and auditable mechanism for deployments to critical environments ensuring compliance to prevailing regulations, eg. SOX
  • Harness the power of technology through improved user experience